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Our next FULL PATH TEST will be MONDAY, AUGUST 8th. If you need to re-scan, here are the links. For the HDVR 1200 receiver, click here. If you are a new site in 2016 with an HDVR 3500 receiver and need to re-scan, click here.

There will be captioning and web streaming during the August 8th test. To connect with the East Stream, click here. To connect to the West Stream, click here.

Channel List Adjustment. We are quite sure that almost every site has now adjusted their channel list for the new ABC News Channels. For those few sites that have not done so already, it will require that you download a new channel list to your HDVR 1200 receiver. Here's a short video explaining the five minute process.


If you would rather READ than WATCH, please go to the Downloads page by clicking on Downloads" in the menu to the left. Once there, look for FIRMWARE UPDATES and click on the "Instructions for GLS 2016 Channel List". Or, just click here. It will explain the simple process. Once you have updated your channel list, you can tune to the N1-N4 (News 1 through News 4) channels at any time to confirm that you have signal. Channels N3 & N4 are HD (720p). As always, once you have tested, please click on the Report Test Results button on this page and report your results.


For some signal flow options and simple equipment suggestions, click here.

The link below is the method for submitting self-test and full-path test results for your site. Once you click on the link, use the drop-down boxes to select your site and the best description of your status. Please include any comments that will help us understand any unusual situations at your site, and include a phone number that will reach you directly, not just the front desk. Thanks for being part of the 2016 GLS.