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To receive the NEXUS event channel, you must complete a simple re-scan during the test transmission. If you scanned successfully during the first test, you will already have the new channels in your receiver. If you did not participate in Test 1, you will need to complete this re-scanning process today.

CLICK HERE to open or download the .pdf of the SCANNING INSTRUCTIONS for your receiver. The active channels for this year's event are NEXUS LIVE 15 (ET/CT) and NEXUS WEST 15 (MT/PT).

The menus to your left will guide you to the transmission schedule for 2015, and a variety of available resources for testing and preparing for a successful event.The Scanning Instructions are listed on the downloads page as well.

If you have any questions about the scanning process, please give our tech support line a call at 530 888-7676.Please report your results following your test today by clicking on the REPORT TEST RESULTS box at the bottom of this page or in the Menu section to the left. Thanks very much.

Every site should have streaming capability. For some this is your primary delivery, for others, this is a back up. In either case, you should do a self test of your streaming capacity by playing the test video located at or you can simply click on the play button below. Be sure you expand the player to full frame size to fill your screen. You should have smooth, high quality video.

If you have any questions about testing, system set up, or other technical preparations, please call our Technical Support Line - 530 888-7676.