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Returning Sites - Report Self-Test Results by April 10


Welcome to the Willow Creek GLS 2015 Satellite Technical Support site hosted by Fresh Air Media.If you are a returning site, please take 10 minutes BEFORE APRIL 10 to do a Self Test. Simply turn on your satellite system and select one of the ABC News Channels. Confirm the Signal Strength and Quality, then report here at Thanks for your cooperation. For more self-test info, click here.

If you are a new site for the GLS, please take a look at this short orientation video about the technical process.

To get a look at the packaging and type of satellite equipment that will be coming, click here

RETURNING SITES: Many have asked what to do with the older Standard Definition receivers used prior to 2014 - Topfield, Fortec Star, SonicView, PanSat and some others. Now that we have confirmed the viability of the HDVR1200 HD receivers, we will not require you to keep or return the older Standard Definition receivers. The older receiver can be disposed of locally at your discretion. Thanks for your cooperation on the disposal of these older SD receivers.

The FRESH AIR MEDIA Tech Support Team is standing by almost any time to answer your questions or discuss any issues that you might be experiencing. 530 888-7676 or