NEXUS reBroadcast - Final Preparations

Welcome to the ACSI NEXUS LIVE 2014 Technical Support site.

Every site should have received their Program content SD cards at this time. Please slip them into your system to check playback prior to Monday's presentation.

STREAMING TESTING - ALL SITES Every site will need to check their internet streaming capability. Here is the link to the archive backup files for NEXUS LIVE. https://new.livestream.com/accounts/698558 (Just copy and paste this url into your browser). You will find a page with icons for Day One and Day Two. Select which Day you want to play. When the video image appears, simply click on the PLAY button, then maximize the frame to fill the screen. If you get an error message when loading the file, just hit reload. Once playing, you can scan to the part of the day that you wish to view, then hit play. If you are having any trouble with the streaming playback, please give our tech support line a call. EVERY SITE needs to test the streaming capacity.

The FRESH AIR MEDIA Tech Support Team is standing by almost any time to answer your questions or discuss any issues that you might be experiencing. 530 888-7676 or support@freshairmedia.com.