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Willow Creek GLS 2016


Welcome to the Support WEBSITE for Willow Creek GLS 2016 sites. During the early stages of site review and preparation, you can reach us at 530 888-7676 or

If you are new to GLS this year, we strongly recommend that you watch the Orientation Video with Shana Case as a good way to understand the overall technical process and what you can expect over the coming months leading up to the GLS.


RESOURCES - For a look at what kind of shipment you can expect, click here. And, for some examples of different dish installations,click here.


Here are some short interviews with real GLS Tech Directors about their first year experience. We think you'll find their responses both helpful and encouraging.


The link below is the method for submitting self-test and full-path test results for your site. Once you click on the link, use the drop-down boxes to select your site and the best description of your status. Please include any comments that will help us understand any unusual situations at your site. Thanks for being part of the 2016 GLS.