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Welcome to ACSI NEXUS 2015 - Technical Support


Welcome to NEXUS 2015. This is the Technical Support site for information and reporting satellite and streaming test results. The menus to your left will guide you to the transmission schedule for 2015, and a variety of available resources for testing and preparing for a successful event.

Over the next three weeks, we strongly recommend that you SELF TEST your systems. For satellite, this means turning on your receiver, and looking for the ABC News Channels. Make a note of the Signal Strength (S) and Signal Quality (Q) and then report your results here, but clicking on the Report Test Results button below or to the left. Select your site from the drop down list, and enter your information. This early self test will help us determine the status of your system and if any further visits by a technician will be needed.

Every site should have streaming capability. For some this is your primary delivery, for others, this is a back up. In either case, you should do a self test of your streaming capacity by playing the test video located at

If you have any questions about testing, system set up, or other technical preparations, please call our Technical Support Line - 530 888-7676.