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Next Mandatory Test - THURSDAY - JULY 23rd


Big Reminder for ALL SITES. Our next FULL PATH TEST is THURSDAY, JULY 23rd. Please mark your calendar. Times are listed on the Transmission Schedule page. Thanks for your cooperation. If you have extreme weather over the next several weeks, please check your satellite system with a simple self-test and/or visual inspection. Very strong winds, hail, lightning can slightly move or damage a satellite system. For more self-test info, click here.

We realize that you don't use your satellite receiver much between GLS events, so we've prepared a series of videos that explain receiver set-up and menu options. Part 2 covers adjusting resolution settings and TV setup.

The FRESH AIR MEDIA Tech Support Team is standing by almost any time to answer your questions or discuss any issues that you might be experiencing. 530 888-7676 or