WELCOME to the online reporting link for the Willow Creek GLS 2014

OK, the BIG NEWS is out! We're moving to HD in 2014. Here's what this means for returning sites. Over the next two weeks, we will be pre-programming new HD receivers, and will start shipping them during the first half of April. You should have your new receiver by the end of the month. Once the box has arrived, please swap the new receiver for your old receiver, and do the normal self test on the ABC NewsOne Live channels. Based on those results, we can determine if you need to replace your LNB or make other adjustments. If your old receiver was set to a UNIVERSAL LNB, we will need to talk you through some adjustments. Please call us at your earliest convenience. Here's the review of SELF TESTING.

1 - Do a quick visual check of the dish. Confirm that cables are connected, that it's still attached solidly to the mount, and that the reflector hasn't taken any unusual hits that have dented the surface.

2- Back inside, identify the remote control for the satellite receiver, and confirm that the cable from the dish is connected properly to the receiver.

3- Power On the receiver and a monitor, and using your remote control, cursor up or down to the ABC NewsOne Live channels. (Should be two of them in your channel list) You should have a video signal. It may be a solid graphic or it may be a news backhaul feed of some kind. One or the other is transmitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.On the new HDVR 1200 Receiver, use the "info" button to check signal strength and quality.Write down your results and then enter in your online report.

4- Report your results online - right here - by clicking on the Report Test Results button below.

Fresh Air is adding a little incentive for all returning sites to report test results by April 30. On May 1, we will have a drawing for some cool gift certificates for tech types. But you have to complete your Self Test by April 30 to be eligible. So jump on the self tes as soon as you get your new receiver. If you run into any problems while testing, please call our tech support line at 530 888-7676 or email us a support@willowsatellite.com.

The transmission schedule for 2014 has been posted. You can click on the Transmission Schedule menu item on the left to view.

If you are a new Technical Director &/or a new site this year, you should be receiving a phone call from one of our Fresh Air Media Technical support team arranging a time for a telephone survey regarding the satelite installation process for your site. Please respond as quickly as possible to the calls. We want to serve you well, and having adquate time for preparation and installation will be very helpful.