Welcome to the ACSI NEXUS LIVE 2014 Technical Support site.

Monday, October 13 is our final advanced mandatory transmission test on the ACSI NEXUS Channels.This testing is VERY IMPORTANT, yet quite easy to accomplish. Let's talk about Satellite testing first.

SATELLITE TESTING We will be using the same satellite and channels that we used last year. So for all returning sites, you should turn ON your satellite receiver and use the remote control to find the NEXUS LIVE and NEXUS WEST channels on your receiver. Once you have found these channels, select the channel that is appropriate to your time zone -specifically NEXUS LIVE for Eastern and Central Time Zones and NEXUS WEST for Mountain and Pacific Time Zones - and take a look at the video and listen to the audio.If things look and sound good, check the signal strength (S) and quality (Q) on your receiver. Write those numbers down. If you have any trouble finding the channels, or seeing a transmission once you are on the channel, please give our technical support number a call - 530 888-7676, You can also email support@freshairmedia.com. Once you've checked your system, we ask that you submit a report. You can do that right on this website by clicking on the REPORT TEST RESULTS menu option to the left or below. We really need to hear from every site to confirm the status of your system.

STREAMING TESTING - ALL SITES Every site will need to check their internet streaming capability. No Password is required for testing. You will need a password for the Event Transmissions. That will be presented in our third training session. Here is the link to our test stream for NEXUS LIVE. https://new.livestream.com/accounts/698558/events/3441282 (Just copy and paste this url into your browser). You will find a flash player with the picture of a sunset and a PLAY button in the middle. Simply click on the PLAY button, them maximize the frame to fill the screen. This is a 4 minute video that you can play as many times as you like. Look for quality of signal, smooth playback, any buffering or other skipping during playback. If all is smooth, please report by Clicking REPORT TEST RESULTS to the left or below on this page. If you having any trouble with the streaming reception, please give our tech support line a call. EVERY LIVE SITE needs to test the streaming capacity.

The FRESH AIR MEDIA Tech Support Team is standing by almost any time to answer your questions or discuss any issues that you might be experiencing. 530 888-7676 or support@freshairmedia.com.