Second Full Path Satellite Test - Excellent Response

Our second FULL PATH Satellite Test on Tuesday, July 22nd was very positive. We still have a few sites we haven't heard from... so if you tested but did not report, please do so now. It's not too late. Use the same form. Click on REPORT TEST RESULTS BOX at bottom of page to report your status.

Here are the channel assignments for our final test on August 11th. The LIVE FEED - Eastern & Central Time Zones - will be on FreshAir15. The Mountain & Pacific Time Zone Sites will be on FreshAir14.If these channels do not show up in your channel list, or you do not see the content when you go to those channels DURING THE TEST PERIOD, you may need to do a quick Manual Scan. Here are the simple steps to perform a MANUAL SCAN during the test period:

Press the MENU Button on your remote control. Under Installation, select MANUAL SCAN. Cursor down to the FREQUENCY, and enter either 12169 (Eastern/Central) or 12151 (Mountain/Pacific) using the numbers on your remote. When entered, cursor down to SYMBOL RATE and enter 13234. When entered, cursor down to POLARITY and arrow right or left until you see the H for Horizontal. When these steps are completed, look for the four colored buttons on the remote (red,green,yellow,blue) and PRESS the GREEN button. This will start the scan. It should only take 5 seconds or less. When it finishes, it will return you to the viewing area. If it doesn't come up on either FreshAir14 or FreshAir15, just use your channel up/down button to find the channel you need. You should have the transmission. If you have any trouble with this scanning process, please call the Fresh Air Media Tech Support Desk at 530 888-7676.

Report your results online - right here - by clicking on the Report Test Results button below. If you run into any problems while testing, please call our tech support line at 530 888-7676 or email us a support@willowsatellite.com.

The transmission schedule for 2014 has changed slightly. Please take a look at the revised times for Monday, August 11th. You can click on the Transmission Schedule menu item on the left to view. Also, video tutorials on the new HD receiver are viewable at http://vimeopro.com/freshairplayer/willow-creek-hd-satellite-system-training.